1. Downtown LA

  2. Later Miami. And so begins my LA>SF>DC>NYC trip

  3. Balling in Prague’s old town square

  4. Texting in Prague

  5. Waiting for the train in Prague

  6. Guard at the Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest

  7. Chatting across the Danube from the Hungarian Parliament Building

  8. Waiting in Budapest

  9. On the Charles Bridge, Prague

  10. An alleyway in Prague

  11. Prague

  12. I traveled the long way across the top half of the world from Seoul, S. Korea to my hometown of Miami, Florida. 

  13. Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

  14. In the middle of nowhere in Akita, northern Japan back in April.

  15. My beach bungalow at Koh Phi Phi was a glorious place.